Ubqari – An Introduction

Ubqari Lahore has been known for its endeavors, giving alleviation to the torment mankind and representing the Peace and Prosperity of all, paying little respect to the belief, nationality and religion. Mahana Magazine (URDU) was envisioned by Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Chughtai. It was started as a not-for-profit dare to elevate the ethical and moral estimations of the general public and killing difficulties through Noble Quran, Sunnah and practices of the believers.

So also, Ubqari Laboratories Registered has a mission to give real solution to the patients and accordingly has set up more than 70 well known brands right now. With our long lasting history of kindness,  Trust Registered was dispatched to give a stage to redistribute the Alms & Charity to the meriting as declared in the Sharia (Law) of the Prophet AnHazoor (SAW). Their circumstances are researched with protection through neighborhood delegates and after that particular Alms (Zakat) or Charity is redistributed to them.


Ubqari Institute has been conveying a priceless message, which is the embodiment of each discussion of our Mentor and Sheik Hazrat Hakeem Mohammad Tariq Mehmood  Chughtai (db), that while attempting for the common matters, one ought to come closer to our Creator (Allah Subhan O Wa Talah)  also.

Mahana Ubqari Magazine is printed consistently in Urdu Language, with a magnanimous inspiration to give a complete bundle to the peace and serenity of the mankind in their lives and from this point forward also. Ubqari Magazine is in ceaseless distribution since June, 2006. You will be coordinated to the Urdu Website to peruse  Articles in Urdu. For reading books, follow the link.

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