Ubqari Wazaif

Ubqari Wazaif

Ubqari Wazaif implies the Sufi routine of recounting and reflecting on some or all of the 99 names of Allah Azzawaial or Quranic Ayaat. They are a type of dedication, related mainly with Sufism, in which the admirer is caught up in the rhythmic repetition of the name of Allah Almighty or His traits. The word Wazifa truly means sum and the word is by and large used as a descriptive noun for determined wages, blessings, particular presentations, and so on. Ubqari Wazaif are dereived from the Holy Quran. Allah Azzawajal has said in numerous spots in the Holy Quran the recitals (Wazaif) of numerous prophets at the time of their challenges. Such recitals are huge and gainful in expelling one from comparable challenges. The qualities of Allah Azzawajal, which in Universal Sufi terms are the parts of Nature, can be evoked, comprehended, felt, and seen through the reiteration of Ubqari Wazaif. The consecrated name of Almighty Allah conveys the gifts, taste, sweetness, rush and significant serenity that is perpetually experienced by one who has drilled in and stayed assimilated in His zikr for an extensive time. This name conveys satisfaction to the heart and true serenity. Omnipotent Allah has said Himself;

“Lo! The zikr of Allah gives fulfillment to the hearts.”

Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Chughtai in his book 17 Wazaif Se Zindgi Aasan , presents 17 ubqari wazaif. It is an awesome book worthy enough to be read and shared with everyone.

Ubqari Wazaif ’s Practice 

Ubqari Wazaif are the Qurani Wazaif that are essentially the Divine Names and Attributes of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala. The practice is done either so anyone might hear or in quiet thought, and the Sufi’s just obligation in such manner is to just hold the quality itself up so that his or her consciousness can perceive it. The practitioner must figure out how to perceive celestial traits, both their place in nature and their capacity in the self and in others. The rehashed phrases which follow some of the daily prayers are Ubqari Wazaif. There are several verses in the Holy Quran that underline the significance of saying so as to recollect the Will of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala by saying such phrases. Muslims believe zikr is one of the most ideal approaches to extol the Oneness of Allah Almighty.

To Sufis, zikr is seen as an approach to increase profound illumination and accomplish union (visal) or demolition (fana) in Allah Almighty. All Muslim factions support individual rosaries as a method of meditation, the objective of which is to acquire a sentiment peace, division from common qualities (dunya), and, by and large, developing Iman.

Ubqari Wazaif Guidline

Before you begin ubqari wazaif please follow these guidelines. The explanation behind which you are doing a wazifa is right and as per shariah.You must read the wording with right elocution. Five times Salah is necessary for any wazifa to work. Try not to anticipate that Allah will give you your wish while you explicitly resist his requests. Your source of income must be Halal otherwise no Dua, wazifa or ibadah will work. At any rate amid the span of the wazifa don’t lie or do back bitting (gheybat) by any means. If the ubqari wazaif does not work in the stated time period please proceed with it until you get what you need from Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala. Last but not least, keep reading ubqari magazine, a comprehensive source for the ubqari wazaif.